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Let’s Make A Post! PYAHHHH!!!

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12 Free Cloud Storage Options

Box.net offering 50GB of storage free for life

There are free online cloud storage services with a limited amount of space (2-7 GB) where each cloud storage service has its own specifications to fit your personal or business needs. iCloud for Apple, SkyDrive from Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, etc. You can access many of these websites through your smartphone or tablet to upload and download.

Click on this link to see more descriptions for each cloud storage  services: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2012/092512-free-cloud-262764.html?page=1

Apply design principles using Illustrator tools

In this basic design exercise, we will explore the use of the arrow tools, moving objects/shapes, changing color, the align palette, stroke possibilities, rotating objects and the basic color/fill.

Arrows are in the Tool Bar, palettes are found under the Window in the Menu bar or in the control palette.

Multiple layers, combine mulitple images

Spheres – In-class exercise – due date to be announced.


  • Beginning Layers
  • Marquee Selections
  • Simple Gradients
  • Modifying the edge of a selection


Update as we begin to dig in

Photoshop Discussion and hands-on exercises will explore:

  • Digital cameras
  • Photoshop’s work environment
  • Color Modes/Models
  • Resolution – ppi, dpi, lpi
  • Masks & Simple Selections
  • Tools & Palettes
  • Brushes
  • Color Picker
  • Introduction to layers
  • Printing from Photoshop overview
  • The Journal



Why Design – Wise words from design authorities, reading assignments, et al.

(Be sure to follow this link to additional reading assignments and exercises.)

Last Class Before Finals!

Whether or not you realize it, tonight is the last working class session before our Final, Dec. 15th from 6pm to 8pm. Be sure to come to class prepared with all the files you intend to use in your “book,” your final project. That is, everything that you have done this semester, or other suitable portfolio work.

If you have discussed an alternative project with me, be sure to bring all the files you will need for that project.

We’ll review the book requirements and I’ll work with each of you to help you prepare your book for printing.

Lecture starts at 6:15pm. Don’t be late…you’ll need all the time you can get to work on this project. It CAN be done!

Sign Up Now for Desktop Publishing

GR M24 Desktop Publishing, AKA GR M25 Publication Design.

This is a critically important class for students in graphic design, journalism, photography, art, humanties, or anyone who finds the need to publish.

Hurry and sign up now to take this production-oriented design class that starts in the January 2011 spring semester at Moorpark College. You need to register and pay for this class in the next two weeks to assure your place before it fills up!

Some students have reported difficulties registering online due to the possible lack of a pre-requiste. This obstacle can be overcome by getting a waiver obtained and signed by either Nancy Haberman (Wednesday, Com 109, 6pm), Svetlana Kasolovic (Com bldg.), or the department chair, Steve Callis in Photo/Humanities, or John Grzywacz-Gray Photo/Humanities.


Students will choose their final projects from a myriad of options including a printed, bound book, an e-book, a magazine, a newletter, a calendar, deck of cards or a CD or DVD with an enclosed booklet. The semester consists of a series of lectures, hands-on exercises and multiple page projects designed to present the past, present and explore the cutting edge of publication design, as well as the design and production features of Adobe InDesign CS5 and Adobe Acrobat.

Moorpark College Course Information
Desktop Publishing I – GR M24A 0
Thursdays, 6 p.m. – 10:50 p.m.

CRN:    31700
Duration:    Jan 10, 2011 – May 17, 2011

Second ‘Power of Print’ ad

The Power of Print® ad

The Power of Print® ad

Print – Alive and Well

Newspapers may be clinging by a thread, but print is by no means dead. Tonight we’ll begin our exploration of InDesign and the evolving world of designing for print publications.

Discover, December 2010

Discover, December 2010

Week 7 Update

Photoshop – Sphere in Action due September 8th

Photoshop  – Photo Retouch Assignment exercises due October 6th at the beginning of class. Follow the instruction supplied with the corresponding links for “Joe Lou” and for “Fancy Lady” for specifics.

Tonight we will begin our exploration of the vector drawing program, Adobe Illustrator, with an overview of the program, then and specifically, the Bezier tool that “made” Adobe Illustrator unique among drawing software, the pen tool.

  • Using the pen tool in Photoshop to make a precise selection
  • Moving from Photoshop to Illustrator
  • Trace over a photograph to create a stylized illustration
  • The Blog “Extras” contains three templates, the curve, corner, and maple leaf template. By practicing and perfecting the path combinations contained in each of the templates, you will gain an understanding of the pen tool fundamentals, basic to all vector illustrations.

NCR’s Terry Gross – Interview with Shepherd Fairey

Explain copyright law, and intellectual property rights as they apply to digital media arts. 250-500 words. Due October 13th at the beginning of class.


Electronic Highway Robbery An Artist’s Guide to Copyrights in the Digital Era by Mary E. Carter (Paperback – July 1996)

Buy it used for $.01.

NPR Terry Gross Interview with Shepard Fairey

Posters by Shepard Fairey

Stephen Heller on Shepard Fairey

United States Copyright Office What is copyright infringement? As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

Listen to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air Broadcast interviewing the artist, Shepard Fairey, responsible for the now-famous Obama “Hope” poster, and free-lance photographer, Manny Garcia, who took the original photograph published by Associated Press.