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GRM23 – Week 16

Review and lab for Greeting Card project

WSINYE Read Chapters 6–10 

GRM23 – Week 14

This week we saw a presentation on “Continuity in Design” and discussed how it can be achieved across a range of graphic design materials. We reviewed the Principles and Elements of design and examined how they are used to achieve consistency and style in design and illustration.

Students are expected to effectively employ the principals and elements of design in the Greeting Card project, described in a link in Week 12’s post.

Week 13 – Spring Break

GRM23 – Week 11

Otto – due Wednesday, March 19th

Seal – due Wednesday, March 26th

Copyright Essay – due Monday, April 7th

Greeting Card Set – due Wednesday, April 23rd

Last week we continued our study of Illustrator layers and transformations. This week we take a look at type in Adobe Illustrator.

GRM23 Week 9, session 2

Students were instructed to bring in a photograph with the intent to transform the image into a graphic representation. We will use the exercise which I call “Otto, the Weiner Dog,” in order to demonstrate and practice the following:

  • Illustrator’s layers and the “stacking order”
  • strokes and fills
  • transformations
  • patterns

This exercise also ties into our discussion of copyright after listening to Terri Gross’ radio interviews with Shepard Fairey and Manny Garcia.


ORBS, ORBS, and more ORBS!!!

Circle ISh

Let’s Make A Post! PYAHHHH!!!

Sphere on a table copy Fancy Lady in Space ThugLife_001

GRM23-Week 9

Illustrator Templates due Wednesday, March 5th.

Basilio Quinonez – Beta Comps

This is some of the work I have done in GR 23 so far.  I believe there is plenty of room for improvement and could be used as part of a portfolio.

GRM-23 Week 8, Session 2

This week, as we begin our survey of Adobe Illustrator, we explore the pen tool and its function in the creation of paths.

We begin learning the Illustrator terminology, studying anchor points, direction lines, straight line segments and curves. Using the templates labeled curve template, corner template and maple leaf template, we practice both the creation of paths, the way segments can join, and the editing of paths.

As we continue our study of Illustrator, we will pay more mind to strokes and fills, transformations, masks and compound paths, Illustrator layers, exporting Illustrator files to other programs.

Because graphic artists need to be cognizant of copyright law, we begin our discussion of copyright as we prepare to study Illustrators fills, strokes, and layers by reviewing Shepard Fairey’s Obama Poster and other graphic illustrations and listening to NPR’s Terry Gross interview.

!!!ATTENTION!!! – Coming Monday, March 3rd

There will be a QUIZ on your reading, both online reading assignments and reading in “White Space” through the end of Chapter 9.