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GRM-25 Week 11

You should be well on your way to completing the redesign and creation of the Menu, which is due April 12th. In your menu, watch for the following:

  • watch your folds
  • set up your grid
  • plan your typographic heirarchy
  • use paragraph styles
  • use character styles when applicable
  • paragraph rules
  • inline graphics
  • anchored graphics

We’ll be reviewing everyone’s progress on the menu.

Tonight we’ll also review the final project by dividing into groups, where we’ll discuss the criteria for each of your projects. Before the class is dismissed, you’ll each be given the remaining assignments for the semester.

Graduation Information

Just a reminder that the deadline for Spring 2012 graduation/certificates is Thursday, March 22nd.  This information has been posted on the portal, marquees & around campus.

Anyone who files after the 22nd will be processed as a Summer graduate.

Gail Wirth-Gurrola
Assistant Registrar

GRM25 – Week 7

We’ll spend tonight on style sheets and examine how they lay the groundwork for advanced formatting that goes beyond simple text formatting. We’ll discuss typographic hierarchy and we’ll see video demonstrating the use of InDesign’s style sheets and how they translate across the media from print to web.

You can use what you learn tonight to complete the text formatting on your calendars.

The calendar project is due next week, Thursday, March 1st.

GRM25 – Week 6

Because we spent much of last week critiquing your posters, we are a bit behind, so this week we will review the character and paragraph palettes. We’ll pay particular attention to indents and tabs, and paragraph rules. Master pages will come in handy for any of your multi-page publications, so we’ll spend some time working with them so you’ll be able to use them on your calendar layouts.


GRM25 – Week 5

In tonight’s class, we’ll be turning in our final posters, and working on our calendars which are due next week. We’ll review procedures for creating a “perpetual” calendar so that the date grid needs to be created only a single time.

We’ll also be taking a look at InDesign style sheets. The objective of utilizing style sheets is to reduce the amount of text formatting necessary to complete a document. Be creating a specific style that includes both character and paragraph formatting, one only has to “apply” that style to a paragraph or character selection with a single click or key shortcut to complete its style.

Reading-Meggs pp. 176-231

Reading-Nelson pp. 78-104

GRM25 – Week 4

Week 4

Tonight we’ll look at your posters and move forward with our book projects. We’ll assess the current class enrollment and then make a final decision as to how to proceed with the final projects.

We’ll review concepts introduced in the previous class session.

Final Posters due February 9.


Reading-Meggs pp. 140-175

Reading-Nelson pp. 29-49, 172-194

Week 3

Tonight we will take the first 60 minutes of class to work on our posters. These will be “rough comps,” as we’ll need to refine them and make sure all the information is accurate before moving foward.

The poster should be designed 11″x17″ and can include Photoshop or Illustrator artwork. Be conscientious of:

  • who is the poster aimed at
  • what are you asking for
  • where to submit
  • when is the deadline to be established
  • why answers the objects of the magazine…
  • how to submit-email
    raster images – 10 mb,
    print resolution pdfs

We’ll have an in-class critique, followed by lecture and lab.

Students and faculty are encouraged to submit materials for publication.

Objectives are to promote the represented programs.

Reading-Meggs pp. 98-139

Reading-Nelson pp. 1-28, 146-172

1)    Begin Project 2 – Themed Calendar due week 6

  • a)    More on tabs and tables
  • b)    Master Pages
  • c)    Create Guides
  • d)   Page Numbering

Week 2

  1. Reading-Meggs pp. 64-97
  2. Reading-Layout Essentials – This book is essentially a captioned picture-book and can be read at your own pace.
  3. Exercise – magazine layout
  4. Duplicate the magazine layout
  • Layout to be 3-4 pages
  • must be approved by instructor
  1. Create a layer that illustrates the grid’s component and struture (Layout Essentials)
  2. Create a layer that identifies each of the typographic elements on the page (Nelson, 91–104)
  3. Discuss criteria for poster/flyer, due week 3

GRM25-Week 1 Review

Review Syllabus

1)    Discuss Final Project-Graphic Design, Multi-media and photography magazine
2)    Introductions
3)    Introduction to InDesign

  •  Organization of project progress, introduces typography and tables used for forms in InDesign
    (1)  document Setup Dialog
    (2)  rulers
    (3)  ruler guides
    (4)  Columns and margins – specifying and changing
    (5)  Importing text and graphics
    (6)  Resizing and cropping graphics
    (7)  Formatting text – character and paragraph palettes
    (8)  Introduction to Indents and tabs
    (9)  Basic printing
  • b)    Typography Overview
    (1)  Character Formatting
    (2)  Paragraph Formatting
    (3)  Tabs & Tables

4)    Discuss Project 1, due week 3

5)    Reading-Meggs pp. 1-63. The visual message from prehistory through the medieval era