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Help Wanted

Looking for a reliable worker. Work requires using vector base software. Creating graphics for use in decals, T shirts and Hats. Printing heat transfers and applying them to T shirts and Hats. Training will be provided, prior knowledge and understanding of Illustrator is a plus.
Company name: Topanga Customs, contact name: Haig. 818-716-5622 email: topangacustoms@hotmail.com

Students, Never Pay Retail!

Adobe Create Suite 3 Design Premium academic pricing is only $314.00 at www.collegesoftware.org. Go to this website for additional information and how to qualify for this fantastic price. CS3 Design Premium includes the newest versions of Photoshop Extended, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and Acrobat.

‘The Assault on Reason’

Finally, a politician who can read and write. I don’t know why we didn’t elect this guy president…oh, yeah, we did.

This is an important read for anyone concerned with the state of our nation. Al Gore presents a seething indictment of the Bush administration. After the first few pages, you’ll be wondering why the whole bunch of them weren’t tossed out long ago. As I read The Assault on Reason, I suspected Gore had read Jerry Mander’s Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, as he makes similar points about the communication tool that captivates and hypnotizes while spewing out its one-way message.

‘The Meaning of Life’

by Bradley Trevor Greive

This is a little book, not much larger than a CD. It’s a feel good book chock full of warm and fuzzy black and white animal photos accompanied by surprising simple, yet insightful observations. Pick it up to read a page or two at a time, and I challenge you not to say, “Aww,” and read on. Ultimately the book does answer the questions it poses, so if you’re searching, or even if you’re not, this is an amusing book about life’s purpose. Great for gift giving. After you’ve read your copy, don’t tuck it away in the bookcase. Leave it out where everyone can enjoy it and you can enjoy it over again.