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Greeting Card Set

Scope of Project: Design and produce a set of four 5″x 7″ cards with envelopes, or design square cards at 5.25″ or 6.25″ square with envelopes. You must have printing on the front and the back of the cards…printing on the inside is optional. The cards should be folding cards.

Materials: Your choice, as long as you abide by the following instructions…

The illustrations from each of the four cards must be your own original artwork. For each of the four images, you must begin with your own photographs or scans of your originals…or both.

You must use Adobe Illustrator to create artwork using the traceover method we will discuss in class lecture.

The four cards must be related to each other. The way in which they relate is part of your design decision…they can relate by style, color palette, topic, typography or other graphic device.

While you must output your final image in color, you can complete the cards and envelopes using your choice of materials, with the object being to develop and creatively present a set of four 5″x7″, 5.25″, or 6.25″ square greeting cards with envelopes.

Workflow: Use Photoshop and Illustrator to prepare the greeting card images. Use Adobe InDesign to set up the file for print. You will then export the InDesign file to Adobe Acrobat in press resolution for your final print output.

Dummy Up Your Pages

Wednesday, the 7th of November is the day you are supposed to commit to your “final” publication. Each student should sketch thumbnails of each of the pages in the publication. We’ll review and you may refine your “dummies” in class. Your final project should contain a minimum of twelve pages. Create a log for your pub. The log is a list of the content, broken down by category: photos, graphics, text/story, and each element in your pubc. During class we will discuss layout and design, text formatting, style sheets, a style manual, and we will discuss deadlines for content gathering, design, and production of your project.