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GR M24, I & II Week 3


Everyone should have the text books by now. So, for next Thursday, the 31st of January, read through page 87 in PDW. Samara gives a wonderful overview of the publication design process “from concept to printed page.”

Tonight we will discuss the criteria for final project.

Choose from:

  • Newsletter
  • Magazine
  • Book
  • Catalog
  • Newspaper

It is important to choose the subject of your final project early in the semester, like now. The organization you represent and the type of publication you choose will serve as a model for most of your assignments, including the first assignment, which is a stationery system.

Stationery System for the organization you are representing

  • Business Card – follow this tutorial to practice some of the tools used to set up a business card
  • Letterhead
  • #10 envelope

Design and presentation will be judged on layout/design, typography, color specification, paper specification, presentation. The stationery system will set the tone for your organization and publication.
Due: Feb.7th

  • 8-up imposed (jpg attached to email)
  • letterhead (jpg attached to email)
  • envelope (jpg attached to email)
  • tight comps of all 3 pieces mounted on an 11×17 black board