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GR M24 I & II Week 15

Bring in your final project both electronic files and printouts of your progress. We will do a group critique tonight, with the hopes that you go home with new motivation and lots of ideas!

Also, bring all of your publication design and InDesign questions, and we’ll review areas of concern.

Next week is our final class meeting before finals…our final session is May 9th from 6-8pm. The two hours will consist of a critique and discussion of each of the final projects.

This is what you’ll need to turn in at 6pm May 9th:

  • CD – include InDesign “PACKAGE”
  •  a package consists of the InDesign file, a folder containing all of the linked images, all of the fonts in the publication, and printers instructions…the package is a product of InDesign’s “Package” feature found under the File Menu
  • CD – include Print Resolution PDF
  • Two copies of the printed proof

The printed proof should be the equivalent of a tight comp. It should look as close to the final, printed piece as is physically possible. This is the last thing a client sees, unless they pay for another type of proof. It should feature any special paper and binding type that you have chosen.

GR M24 I & II Week 14

Tonight will consist of a review and fire drill on the following:

  • 3 techniques for creating lines
  • Creating color block “headings” using paragraph rules
  • Using the color palette to create custom colors, simplify and pre-flight for printing
  • Using the pen tool to create a map

You will be recreating a flyer, so if you see this, bring your rulers to class. The lecture will review each aspect of InDesign listed above. Afterwards, you will have the remainder of class to complete the flyer and print. Email a jpg of your finished flyer, as well as an InDesign File (however far you get tonight).

I will also be checking the status of your final projects. Please bring whatever files and printouts necessary in order for us to have a discussion.

GR M24 I & II Week 13

Tonight we will address and discuss the following issues:

  • Color Models – RGB, CMYK, Pantone
  • Printing Processes
  • Paper weights and finishes
  • Die cuts, embossing, foil stamping
  • Metallic Inks, Aquaeous Coatings, Varnish, UV

GR M24 I & II Week 12

Tonight we will work on refining our dummies and page layouts.

We’ll have a review of master pages and special characters for page numbering and jump lines.