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Photoshop Layer Basics

The purpose of these two exercises is to give students a understanding of how raster images and their layers behave.

Making Selections – In-class exercise

Spheres – In-class exercise – due Sept. 11th by the beginning of class.

  • Beginning Layers
  • Marquee Selections
  • Simple Gradients
  • Feathering the edge of a selection


GRM23 – Wk. 2

We begin the process of learning how to capture images and manipulate them in Photoshop. Discussion and hands-on exercises explore:

  • Digital cameras
  • Photoshop’s work environment
  • Color Modes/Models
  • Resolution – ppi, dpi, lpi
  • Masks & Simple Selections
  • Tools & Palettes
  • Brushes
  • Color Picker
  • Introduction to layers
  • Printing from Photoshop overview
  • The Journal

Using techniques reviewed in this week’s class, create a self-portrait and attach it to your email attendance. You will be creating a “quick” self-portrait for each class session. By the end of the semester your will have enough images to “fill a book.” Each of these “sketches” should be quick, taking only 10-15-minutes or less. If you want to spend additional time on your sketches, you may. The sketches will serve multiple purposes throughout the semester, so it is important that you participate…it is part of your attendance grade.

  1. The sketches demonstrate that you participated in classroom exercises and activities.
  2. The sketches, being self-portrait in nature, and using classroom techniques, give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning.
  3. The sketches help to identify your email in a unique and personal manner.
  4. You will use these sketches as part of your library of images that you will use to explore future assignments.
  5. Print a copy of your sketch for your journal.



GRM23 Assignment #1 – Poster

2008-2009 is The Year of Democracy at Moorpark College.

In this historic and ground-breaking political year, college staff, faculty and students will engage in dialogue to develop a deeper understanding of the democratic process in the United States and around the world.

Design a poster persuading members in “your community” to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming November election. Criteria will be discussed in class and posted at a later date.

Project #1 – Assignment Sheet

Due Date: Wednesday, Sept. 3rd.


  1. Digital file (jpg or pdf) attached to email. This part is due promptly upon completion.
  2. Print and turn in with completed assignment folder.
  3. A copy of the assignment sheet is to be printed and assembled into a new folder and turned in with each printed assignment.

Business Card Layout and Design Guidelines

Here’s another useful book you can add to our list of required books. It’s under $10 and it’s got tons of great information. It’s Chuck Green’s Logos, Letterheads, & Business Cards, part of the Rockport “Design It Yourself” series. We’ll refer to this book as DIY.

We’ll be discussing the “how-to’s” of designing and laying out the business card part of a stationery system.

Reading: DIY: 1-45.

GRM24-Week 2, 8-25 & 8-27

This week’s objectives

  • Understand the InDesign Workspace
  • Create a new, custom sized document
  • Basic text tool, text and picture frames
  • Basic typesetting and formatting
  • Place images
  • Size and crop images


Business Card – follow this tutorial to practice some of the tools used to set up a business card. In Wednesday’s class we will review process and techniques for layout and production of the business card using your original material. There are no restrictions on subject matter or content for the business card, so in this case when we refer to business card, we are specifically speaking of a 3.5″x2″ page size with a .125″ bleed.


ID Bible (Gruman) – pp. 1-80

Publication Design (Nelson) – pp. 1-49

Here are a couple of must-see videos from “the past.” Enjoy.

Shopping from home in 1999

Apple’s Knowledge Navigator

GRM23-Wk 1, 08-21-08

  • Introduction to the Adobe Creative Suite
  • What is Graphic Design? Computer Graphics?
  • Careers?
  • Photoshop, Digital Photography and Scanning


Reading – Notes Online, Introduction, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2
Exercise 1 Simple Masks – in class exercise

Computer Graphics Classes Start August 18th

There is still room in several great Multimedia and Graphic Design classes being offered in the Fall Semester at Moorpark College, starting on Monday August 18th…

Motion Graphics – MM30
In this class you will learn from Mathew how to create stunning Motion Graphics for TV, Films and the Web. Take your computer graphics and video projects to a whole new level. If you thought Photoshop could help you create coolness, wait until you see what After Effects can do.
Wed 6:00pm

Interactive Design – MM50
In this class you will learn to really use Flash for both fun and work. We will explore various types of interactivity by creating simple games that can be played on not only computers, but handheld electronic devices, and even the Wii… We will learn to create dynamic and stunning websites that even incorporate interactive video, using Flash, HTML and a bit of javaScript…
Thur 6:00pm

Computer Illustration – GR26
In this class you will build a solid foundation in Adobe Illustrator. You’ll start with a tour of important menus, tools, and palettes, then explore selection tools, drawing tools, layers, the pen tool (a lesson unto itself) as well as transformations/ distortions, type tools, and modifying paths and shapes. You’ll be surprised how quickly you begin to master this challenging but rewarding software application.Check out the Flyer – http://www.turbocurl.com/moorpark/gr26_fall2008.pdf MW 10:30am – 1:00pm

Desktop Publishing I and II

Publishing brochures, newsletters, reports, and other print pieces can be a challenge without the right tools. Along comes Adobe InDesign with all the features and flexibility and you’ll need to publish professional-quality layouts. This course will impart a working knowledge of the main InDesign tools and features, everything from basic features to using master pages, importing and manipulating objects, controlling text flow and style, to graphic effects such as transparency, drop shadow, and feathering. Your InDesign training will leave you with an understanding of the software and a slew of great portfolio pieces. Taught in Com 151 – PC lab. Instructor: Nancy Haberman MW 1:00am – 3:20pm

Design Fundamentals – GR M30
In this class you will establish a firm foundation for taking on intermediate graphic design classes (Graphic Design 1 and 2). Looking to establish a career as a freelance designer? The course provides you opportunities to hone your design process, as you research each project, develop concepts, work with iterative feedback, and begin to develop quality pieces for your portfolio.You’ll explore the challenges of designing posters, logos, magazine covers, book layouts, 3D designs, and brand identities. W 06:00pm

Announcing BRAND NEW MAC lab… COM109 is being outfitted with brand new 24” iMacs with 4GB of RAM.