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GRM24 – Text Formatting and Style Sheets

In this exercise, we will re-create sections of the Melrose Café Menu as instructed in class. Appetizers, gourmet salads, chicken, pasta, etc.. Include the pizza section and the catering menu. The section headers contain inline graphics. The graphics you use may differ from those in the Melrose Cafe menu. Try to match type as closely as possible.


  • Input text and graphics content
  • Format text and tag with Character and Paragraph styles
  • When to use “next” styles
  • Properly separate paragraphs with “space” after paragraph
  • Understand indents and tab alignments
  • When to use Leaders
  • Using Paragraph Rules

GRM23-Illustrator Pen Tool Practice

Use the links here, or in the Illustrator Links to access the three templates you will use for the pen tool practice exercises.

By successfully repeating and completing these three exercises, you will become familiar with the variety of behaviors associated with the pen tool and its editing features.

Due at the end of class, Oct. 9

GRM24 – Lab Day

Please use this time period, Wed. Sept. 24, 1-3:30 pm, to work on your magazine layouts.

GRM24 – Follow up on magazine layout assignment

The due date for the magazine layout has been postponed until Wed. Oct. 1

Objective can be found in the post dated Sept. 9, 2008.

The page layout and the typography should match the original as closely as possible. That means that you’ll need to key-in the type, if you haven’t already done so, in order to match the type size, leading, line lengths, etc.

Make sure to keep everything pertaining to the job/assignment in your folder, including a job sheet listing the objectives and specs of the job, a printed xerox copy of the original, or the original layout. Each working copy that you print should be included in the folder, along with any notes you make to yourself about changes that need to be made along the way. Also, include your final printed layout. When you turn in your job/assignment, your folder must come with it. The ability to check your folders each week, gives me the greatest opportunity to analyze the progression of your work and plus, it gives me a tangible way to give you feedback.

GRM24 – Text and paragraph formatting

This week we will review text flow and formatting in InDesign, with an emphasis on indents and tabs, tables, paragraph formatting and a brief introduction to styles. The corresponding material can be found in Publication Design Workbook, pages 34-53, and in the Bible, Part IV – Chapters 14-21.

Designing with Line in Adobe Illustrator

The object of this lesson is to create an abstract illustration using ONLY black line — no curves, no fills, no colors. Using design principles reviewed in class, show depth, motion, emotion, in a dynamic and interesting way. You may use the pen tool or the line tool to create straight lines.

Other tools you may use to complete this assignment:

  • Use the selection tool (black arrow) with the option key to duplicate
  • Object>Transform>Transform Again (or Command-D) to step and repeat
  • Rotation tool
  • Blend Tool
  • Add Anchor Point tool
  • Change Stroke Weight

Due. Oct. 2nd at the beginning of class.

New deadline for poster project

The deadline for the poster is being bumped up to Oct. 22nd in order to give you more time to think the project through. There are no restrictions on the software that you use to complete the project.

Retouch and colorize old photo

The name of the file that you will be retouching is fancylady.jpg on the transfer volume.

By completing this project, students should gain a basic understanding of the following tools and techniques used to repair, restore, and colorize old and damaged photographs:

  1. Crop and rotate
  2. Histogram and levels
  3. Rubber Stamp – cloning
  4. Channels
  5. Selection techniques, including Quick Mask
  6. Color modes
  7. DUE: Sept. 25
    Submit two prints in a page protector — the original, and the completed retouched and colorized image. Present at the beginning of the period for critique.

Beginning Class

Reading: InDesign Bible – pp. 81-186.

Advanced class

Scripting automates many features in InDesign — it’s essentially a way to program InDesign to do dpecific actions. … As you become comfortable with scriptwriting, you’re also likely to discover virtually everything you do in InDesign is a repetitive task.  The more you can free yourself of this kind of work by using scripts, the more time you have to be creative.

Reading: InDesign Bible – pp. 863-879