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Obama Hope Poster

During the week of March 2 or thereabouts we will discuss the legality and ethics of appropriating images. You are to listen to Terry Gross’ Fresh Air Broadcast interviewing the artist, Shepard Fairey, responsible for the now-famous Obama “Hope” poster, and free-lance photographer, Manny Garcia, who took the original photograph published by Associated Press.

Due Thursday, March 5th.

Count the number of squares in the grid

Count the number of square in the grid

Illustrator’s Transformation Tools

  • move
  • scale
  • rotate
  • reflect
  • shear
  • free transform

The transformation tools offer two distinct approaches to using them. When activated, each has an origin point, the place where the transformation begins. The origin point defaults to the center of the object’s bounding box, which should be turned off before you use the transformation tools.

The tools can be used manually, or through the dialog box. In addition, the origin point of each can be altered by dragging it to a new location, or simply clicking on the new location. By pressing the option key, you can bring up the dialog box, which allows you to specify a precise transformation, or transform a copy of the original object.

This lesson will also explore the amazing capabilities of the blend tool.

Adobe Illustrator

Tuesday, Feb. 17th’s lesson revisits our Obama illustrations and reviews the pen tool basics of creating and editing paths. There are three exercises you must complete: 1) Curve template, 2) Corner template, and 3) Maple Leaf template. Lecture will also include an introduction to Adobe InDesign and review the recommended Adobe Workflow. Send your template exercises with your Feb. 17th attendance.

Completed Obama illustration due Tuesday, Feb. 24th.

Assignment Sheet

Click here for a copy of the assignment-sheet

Old photos

Use these photos in your retouching and colorizing exercises. They are relatively low resolution when compared to the files distributed in class, but if you’d like to practice, here they are for the downloading.


You’ll want to read “Photoshop Magic.” This reading is a review of Thursday’s class. The images are from an older version of the Photoshop; hopefully you won’t have difficulty following along.

File formats and compression are reviewed in this reading.

Scanning Guidelines reviews scanning.

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