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Graphic Design Student Showcase Awards Categories

Best 2D Animation     B2D
Best 3D Animation    B3D
Best Ceramics    BC
Best Compositing Still Image    BCSI
Best Design    BD
Best Drawing ART    BDRA
Best Educational Product    BEP
Best Fiction Video    BFV
Best Game    BG
Best Greeting Card Design    BGCD
Best Illustration    BI
Best Journalism Multi-Media    BJMM
Best Letterhead, Envelope and Business Card    BLEBC
Best Logo Design    BLD
Best Motion Graphics    BMG
Best Multimedia Video    BMV
Best Page Design    BPD
Best Painting Art    BPA
Best Personal Portfolio    BPP
Best Photojournalism    BP
Best Poster Design    BPD
Best Printmaking    BPM
Best Promotional Sales and Marketing    BPSM
Best PSA    BPSA
Best Typography    BT
Best Video Ad    BVA
Best Web Site    BWS
Emerging Designer    ED
Emerging Photographer    EP
Frank Sardisco Scholarship    FSS
Jim Sebek Scholarship    JSS
Most Artistic Digital Image    MADI
Most Humorous    MH
Photography Department Scholarship    PDS
Phyllis arnold scholarship    PAS
Rookie of the Year 2D Design    R2DD
Rookie of the Year 3D Design    R3DD
Rookie of the Year Animation    RA
Rookie of the Year Drafting    RYD
Rookie of the Year Graphic Design    RGD
Rookie of the Year Interior Design    RYID
Rookie of the Year Journalism    RJ
Rookie of the Year Photography    RP
Rookie of the Year Video/Film     RV
Rookie of the Year Web Design    RWD

Submissions should be sent to me via email by May 1st
File size 1024 x 768 High Resolution JPEG #7 or higher
If possible use the file info dialogue box in Photoshop to add information to the submission

Title the files as follows
BC stands for the category as indicated in the B column.
The student name is obvious, the 1 is used only if the student has more than 1 entry in the
Also include your instructor’s name in the file name.

If you cannot use the Photoshop file information dialogue box …
you should attach a text document with the Name, Address, Phone Number
for the submitter.

Multi-page Publications in InDesign

Today we will begin our exploration of multiple page publications in InDesign.

  • Master Pages
  • Automatic page numbering
  • Text Flow