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Campus CLOSED Wednesday, 9-23-09

Campus is closed today due to the Moorpark fire, apparently caused by an overabundance of bullshit that went up in smoke.

8-up business card

Using the step and repeat process, prepare your business card to print 8-up for offset printing on an 8-1/2″x11″ sheet.

  1. Export your 1-up business card to a press quality pdf with: crop marks, use document bleed settings
  2. Place the pdf in InDesign
  3. Use the “step and repeat” process to set up your cards in 4 rows, 2 column for a horizontal, or 2 rows, 4 columns for a vertical card.
  4. Export to press quality pdf (no crops or bleeds) and print with no page scaling

Due: 9-14-09

Reading Assignment 9-14-09

Publication Design Workbook, A Real-World Design Guide, by Timothy Samara

Pages 34-59
Topic Areas Covered:


  • the typography of publications
  • crafting extended text
  • typographic detail: the finer points
  • composing text in space
  • developing informational hierarchy

Getting it Printed, by Eric Kenly and Mark Beach

Pages 22-43 – Type and Graphics

Publication Design, by Roy Paul Nelson

Pages 29-104

    Collage and manipulate

    Tonight will will continue our study of Photoshop, learning how to combine and manipulate images. The Photoshop illustration that you create for your Halloween party invitation should be comprised of a elements from a minimum of eight different images. Plus, you will need to add display text (a headline) in Photoshop. The remaining text will be created in InDesign and we will be working on this project over the next several weeks until it is due on October 8.

    In next week’s class, we will begin our discussion of scanning and retouching images. In preparation for this lesson, the this link provides the reading homework and files you can download for practice.

    Step and Repeat in InDesign

    The step and repeat function in InDesign comes in handy for a number of tasks, and does for prep-press what printers used to do with a process camera. When it comes to preparing files for printing, the set up depends on the type of press the job is printed on. Today, there are a number of reproduction processes that can be used to print a business card, which I’ll cite as an example, since that’s the project we’re currently working on. When choosing a printing process, one must consider the following:

    • Quantity – some printers won’t print under 1000
    • Stock – paper stock may be limited on low-cost business cards
    • Turnaround – fast turnaround times may limit choices of printer to laser process
    • Quality – “you get what you pay for”

    We’ll discuss file preparation as it relates to the above considerations and examine how the step-and-repeat feature plays a vital role in cutting production time and costs.

    ‘Trick or Treat’

    Tonight we will review the Photoshop environment, tool box, and layers while working on the sphere exercise, which you will use as a basis for a conceptual illustration that is then developed into an invitation to a Halloween Party. The entire project requires a workflow that includes Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat. This project will be developed during class and labs over the course of the next several weeks.

    We’ll also review iPhoto and Photo booth and discuss how they can be handy tools for creative work.