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Final Project Progress Report – GrM24

As of today, November, 16, you should be ready to show:

  • Final Project Folder
  • Project Proposal printed and attached on left
  • Assignment Sheet filled completed with all but times
  • Dummy
  • Copy log

You should be prepared to get all of the content onto their intended pages. I will be looking at the decisions you have made:

  • Type of publication
  • Page size
  • Margins
  • Master page content
  • Typography choices

This week I will meet individually with each student for a progress review.

Create a logotype in Adobe Illustrator

Tonight we will examine the Pathfinder tools by recreating a logotype in Adobe Illustrator. This lesson reviews type on a path, offset paths and introduces patterns and brushes. We’ll also take a look at Illustrator’s live trace tool and 3D tools, examining how each was used in the creation of a corporate identity.

Create a Dynamic Teaser to Entice Your Readers

Last week we covered the techniques for using Adobe Illustrator’s transformation tools, as well as some fun ways to use the blend and gradient tools.

Tonight we continue our exploration of Adobe Illustrator with the seal exercise. By practicing the methods used in the seal exercise, you’ll understand techniques that can be used to tease your readers to stay with you. Labels, seals, decals etc. don’t need a lot of text…just a few words on a beautifully embossed metallic seal, can result in stunning visual element that attracts attention and leaves your reader wanting more.

GR24 Final Project

From this session through the end of the semester, we will concentrate on multiple page publications. Everyone needs to turn in a written proposal specify what your final project will consist of. Your choices are:

  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • Newsletter
  • Book
  • Multi-panel, multi-page brochure
  • Catalog
  • Instruction manual
  • Calendar
  • Website Design

You are free to choose the type of publication, the subect matter/content, size, media, and client. You can work for yourself, or you may work with a business or non-profit association. Be forewarned that you are on a deadline, and if you choose to work with or under the direction of another person or organization, you are still obligated to meet all of your class deadlines. There are approximately 5 more weeks to class and 9 sessions. Your final project proposal is due NOW.

As of November 11, you should have:

  • a working dummy for your final project
  • a copy log with page assignments for each element in your publication
  • begun to gather text, photos, illustrations, advertisements, and graphics
  • begun an exploration of color palettes and design

There are no classes on Monday, November 9th. Our next class meeting is Wednesday November 11th.