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Greeting Card Assignment

Search the blog for specifications on the greeting card assignment. All sizes are listed. Today we will review the requirements for the greeting card project and we’ll cover the project workflow…Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat. We’ll also review text setting in Illustrator and compare it to corresponding features in InDesign. You’ll also find a link in the “extras” to a short article on Painting in Photoshop, which summarizes a demo on painting in Photoshop from last week.

Due: Wed. April 7th

Illustrator Review

Today we will take a look at our Illustrator progress, review and come up to day. We’ll examine the criteria for the set of 4 greeting cards, with the upcoming deadline of March 25th for completed folder and tight comps.

Development Stages:

  • Brainstorm – word, image gathering; quick, loose associations, uncensored
  • Thumbnails – loose sketches, done by hand
  • Rough Comps – sketches can now be done on computer
  • Tight Comps – presentation quality

Tight comps are a representation of the final, printed products.

Photos as a Basis for Illustration


Download the image of Otto the Weinerdog to use as a basis for an illustration. Do not use the live trace tool.

The purpose of this exercise is to familiarize you with Illustrator’s layers and how Illustrator manages the stacking order within each layer.

This lesson also includes a review of transformations and an introduction to patterns.

Illustrator Progress Report

Download the three Illustrator templates you’ll find in the Illustrator link on the right side of this page. Templates do not have to be printed…No Folder Necessary. But, you do need to email the completed exercises to me, and they are due March 3rd.

  • review of the pen tool for creating and editing paths
  • examine the object drawing tools
  • learn to assign attributes to an object’s appearance
  • learn secrets of transformation
  • turn photos into vector art
  • and we’ll begin a new…

HOMEWORK PROJECT: Set of Four (or more) Greeting Cards

  • all cards must adhere to a theme
  • cards can be A2s, A6s, or A7s and must include an envelope that fits (we’ll learn how to make our own envelopes, printing the envelope is optional)
  • cards must be tight comps, printed in color

Due at the beginning of class March 25th.