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Style and Theme

We continue to learn the Illustrator Toolbox and how to apply what we learn to:

  • working in a design style
  • creating a set of four images


Comic Book Style

Here’s another tutorial describing one artist’s method for creating art in the style of Lichtenstein. This techniques uses Photoshop’s pen tool to create postscript paths called shapes. Once you have mastered the pen tool and other Illustrator features, you’ll be able better equipped to decide the best software for the job.

50s Retro Style



Tonight, we’ll take a look at Illustrator’s typesetting capabilities. Understanding how to set type in Illustrator is no substitute for a Typography class. We’ll barely skim the broad surface of typesetting and designing with type.

Type exercise

Due Wednesday, Nov. 17th.

Week 8 – Adventures in Illustrator

We’ll spend tonight’s session learning how to use the pen tool to create and edit vector paths.

Exercises include:

Due: October 20th

Project Objectives: Create 4 themed illustrations which will be the basis for a set of greeting cards. The illustrations will be executed in Photoshop and Illustrator. The layout will be executed in InDesign and print from Acrobat. Exact workflow will be reviewed in class.

Project Specifications: Greeting Cards

Due: Nov. 10th