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Spheres – where do we go from here?

11×17″ Self Portrait Poster

  • Color okay
  • Bleeds okay
  • A picture of YOU
  • A different environment/background than the photo was originally taken in
  • At least three objects that make a statement about your personality or belief system
  • A sphere in action

Due Wednesday, Feb. 3rd. (postponed to Feb. 9th, beginning of class)

Multiple layers, combine mulitple images

Spheres – In-class exercise – due date to be announced.


  • Beginning Layers
  • Marquee Selections
  • Simple Gradients
  • Modifying the edge of a selection


Update as we begin to dig in

Photoshop Discussion and hands-on exercises will explore:

  • Digital cameras
  • Photoshop’s work environment
  • Color Modes/Models
  • Resolution – ppi, dpi, lpi
  • Masks & Simple Selections
  • Tools & Palettes
  • Brushes
  • Color Picker
  • Introduction to layers
  • Printing from Photoshop overview
  • The Journal



Why Design – Wise words from design authorities, reading assignments, et al.

(Be sure to follow this link to additional reading assignments and exercises.)

Graphic Design is Everywhere!

…And understanding and having command of computers is an important part of the process. Graphics are all around us, from the time we wake up each morning, til we shut our eyes at night. And some of us, as we dream. One of my first lucid dreams as a 3-year-old was of bold magenta and cyan ballerinas twirling on a jet black background. I had never seen colors of that definition and intensity, until I witnessed lasers in the 70s.

No matter where we are in life, space and time, graphic design pervades our existence. Nowhere is this more evident than sitting down and watching an hour of Television.

HOMEWORK: Create a Log, or a Journal of Graphics. Due Wednesday, January 19th.

Use your choice of methods, observe and record.

  1. TELEVISION – Watch 1 hr. of TV, preferably an hour of prime time or other channel that has the average amount of commercials.  During the course of the hour, describe the graphics in the tv commercials and categorize as a
  • still or motion graphic symbol, text or numbers
  • still or motion photo, special effects?
  • length of time that each appears
  1. MAIL – Sort the mail and separate by categories based on the type of graphic you can see without opening someone else’s mail
  • personal
  • bills
  • junk mail
  • magazines
  1. OUT & ABOUT – Observe and record graphics in your surroundings
  • signs
  • posters
  • billboards
  • clothing
  • automobiles
  • sporting goods
  • rooms of the home and workplace…