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Photoshop shares pen tool with Illustrator

Our last lecture introduced Photoshop’s pen tool, demonstrating how to create and edit an extremely precise postscript path, which can be saved and converted into an exact selection. As we wind down the retouching section of our Photoshop lessons, we’ll move into Illustrator where we’ll learn how very different and useful it can be as a complement to Photoshop or as a standalone illustration tool.

Some of you have asked what to do with the business card we created in Photoshop. We will come back to this project periodically, so just hang onto it. Make sure you have it with you in class in case it comes up for discussion.

Photo Retouching Deadline – due Wednesday, March 2nd Monday,  Mar. 7th – In addition to the Assignment Sheet, your folder should include a “before” and “after” print of each photo retouch.

Photo Retouching

Link to retouching exercises

Business Cards – isolate a background image and set up a file in Photoshop