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Digging deeper into Adobe Illustrator

As we head down the hill we’ll tackle several Illustrator exercises design to help get us comfortable with Adobe Illustrator’s strengths. The three templates and Otto, should help you learn:

  • Using the pen tool to create and assign attributes to paths
  • Editing paths
  • Stacking order
  • Layers
  • Introduction to Transformations

Each exercise introduces additional tool behaviors and concepts. The ultimate objective is to learn enough about Illustrator to create 4 (four) related, or themed illustrations that will be the graphic basis for a set of 4 greeting cards. The greeting card assignment is fully described here.

The deadline for the greeting card has been rescheduled to Monday, April 13th.



Shepard Fairey – Mannie Garcia – Associated Press

In Monday’s class we listened to Terry Gross’ Shepard Fairey interview which centers on his now infamous “Obama Hope” poster. After the interview we discussed copyright and how it might apply in this situation, and where one might draw the line when it comes to using another artist’s work as inspiration, or origination. Based on the interview, our discussion and your further research into this case, write and 3-page essay response, citing the legal and ethical issues involved. Please distinguish between fact, or law, and your opinions as you understand and interpret this case, citing your sources on an additional addendum page.

  • 3 pages + footnotes
  • 12/24 pt. Times-12 pt. type with 24 pt. leading.
  • 75″ margins
  • numbered pages
  • staple pages together
  • no folder
  • Include your Name and a Title on the first page

Due Monday, March 21st


Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Exercises include:

Due: Wedensday, March 9th


Listen to Terry Gross’ interview of Shepard Fairey and be prepared to discuss the issues raised in Monday’s, March 7th class.

Project Objectives: Create 4 themed illustrations which will be the basis for a set of greeting cards. The illustrations will be executed in Photoshop and Illustrator. The layout will be executed in InDesign and print from Acrobat. Exact workflow will be reviewed in class.

Project Specifications: Greeting Cards

Due: Wednesday, March 30th