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GRM23 – Week 11

Tonight we will concentrate on typography and artboards in Adobe Illustrator. We’ll examine the difference between type as text vs. type as object, and study its relationship to the “compound path.” We’ll review your greeting card thumbnails, and explore how to prepare the greeting card for printing and finishing.

Mid-term-essay due this week.

GRM23 – Week 10

White Space read Chapter 6, 7, 8, pp. 57–110

  1. Gradients
  2. Gradient Mesh (4,6)
  3. Pathfinders, compound objects
  4. Illustrator Seal Exercise (4,6)
  5. Typography
  6. Illustrator Artboards

GRM23 – Week 9

In tonight’s class we will review what we have learned in Illustrator, adding:

  1. Strokes, Fills, Layers, Patterns
  2. Style and Theme
  3. Transformations

…as well as discuss the Shepard Fairey/Manny Garcia scenario so as to gain a better understanding of the legal issues faced by graphic artists.

You should be well on your way to filling up your journals with clippings of art and design you aspire to create, as well as designs that don’t work so well. As we discuss graphic styles, you should be deciding on the themed designs for your four-card greeting card set. Remember, the first step is sketching out thumbnails, so you need to begin a folder for your Greeting Card assignment, posted last week. Today, I’ve included a link to the details for the assignment.


GRM23 – Weeks 8 & 9

Self-Portrait Critique
  1. White Space read Chapter 5, pp. 43–56
  2. Illustrator templates (4,5,6)
  3. Oscar, the weiner dog Exercise due week 9 (4,5,6)
  4. Strokes, Fills, Layers, Patterns
  5. Style and Theme
  6. PROJECT TWO – Greeting Card set – due week 13 (1,4,5,6)

Objectives: Use Adobe Illustrator to create four illustrations that demonstrate a visual theme and continuity among the “set.”

Next week:

  1. NPR Radio Show with Terri Gross – Shepard Fairey: Inspiration or Infringement (7)
  2. Electronic Highway Robbery An Artist’s Guide to Copyrights in the Digital Era by Mary E. Carter (Paperback – July 1996. Buy it used)
  3. Discussion (7)
  4. Mid-term-essay due week 11

Objectives: Demonstrate an understanding of intellectual property rights and copyright law as they apply to digital and media arts. You may illustrate with images. Minimum length – 1250 words


GRM23 – Week 7

  1. White Space read Chapter 3 & 4, pp. 21–42
  2. Introducing the Pen Tool (vectors) in Photoshop and Illustrator (4,5,6)
  3. The Illustrator Workspace (4,5,6)
  4. Chapter 12, Introduction to Adobe Illustrator