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GRM-24 Week 3

More on Color Models

In Week 2’s class, we learned the similarities in the Illustrator and InDesign document setup as pertains to bleeds, margins and accessing and selecting colors. We discussed the how each of the color models is used in the workflow, and how ink color models, papers, and print finishes can increase the prepress and production time (often done by the designer) and printing costs.

This week as we look at your rough comps, due tonight, you’ll begin the setup of your business card in InDesign or Illustrator.

Having had an overview of the color models:

  • RGB
  • CMYK / Process
  • SPOT / Pantone, UV, Varnish, Emboss, Die, Foil, “Akufoil”

and having had the opportunity to get your books and complete your reading, in Week 3’s class we’ll take a closer look at color models as we set up our press-ready business card files. Check back here often as I update the evening’s agenda.

We’ll examine a variety of instructive color charts from a typical color digital printers and presses

We’ll Compare the output device color charts to the color you print from your “proof” printer, then from a digital laser in order to see if there are any color shifts.

Part I – Rough comps for a logo and business card design with low res (72dpi minimum) proofs – due tonight

Tonight we’ll discuss the final project, which will be a group book project. We’ll brainstorm the content and take chapter assignments.

Brainstorming Session


Here’s proof that a group can come up with at least 26 possibilities in the time it takes for attendance, and I’m sure with a bit of effort, you could each come up with more. Use these or other topics as a springboard to arrive at a topic that you feel strongly about.

We’ll spend more time in Monday’s (2-4) class looking at examples of posters that explore some of these topics.

deez spheres











cray cray

Sphere one down two to go


Sphere Color


sphere exercise




Sphere In Motion


Zelda: The White Fairy


Sphere Exercise – Black and White