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Fancy Lady

my rendition of fancy lady. Didn't print out as well as it looked on the computer tho. :(

my rendition of fancy lady. Didn’t print out as well as it looked on the computer tho. 🙁

Testing, testing.

Pic I took of a glass of apple juice being penetrated by the afternoon light.

Pic I took of a glass of apple juice being penetrated by the afternoon light.

Essay Assignment

  1. NPR Radio Show with Terri Gross – Shepard Fairey: Inspiration or Infringement (7)
  2. Electronic Highway Robbery An Artist’s Guide to Copyrights in the Digital Era by Mary E. Carter (Paperback – July 1996. Buy it used)
  3. Discussion (7)

This week we move on to Adobe Illustrator. As we begin to understand the pen tool, we examine more closely the differences between raster and vector graphics. We’ll review popular cultural images and discuss the designer’s role and responsibility as relates to copyright law.

ESSAY: Copyright (7)
Demonstrate an understanding of intellectual property rights and copyright law as they apply to digital and media arts. Explain the how copyright law can affect the work of a graphic designer.

  • Minimum 1250 words
  • May include photos and illustrations

Due Week 12 – Wednesday, March 26th

GRM-23 Week 8, Session 2

This week, as we begin our survey of Adobe Illustrator, we explore the pen tool and its function in the creation of paths.

We begin learning the Illustrator terminology, studying anchor points, direction lines, straight line segments and curves. Using the templates labeled curve template, corner template and maple leaf template, we practice both the creation of paths, the way segments can join, and the editing of paths.

As we continue our study of Illustrator, we will pay more mind to strokes and fills, transformations, masks and compound paths, Illustrator layers, exporting Illustrator files to other programs.

Because graphic artists need to be cognizant of copyright law, we begin our discussion of copyright as we prepare to study Illustrators fills, strokes, and layers by reviewing Shepard Fairey’s Obama Poster and other graphic illustrations and listening to NPR’s Terry Gross interview.

!!!ATTENTION!!! – Coming Monday, March 3rd

There will be a QUIZ on your reading, both online reading assignments and reading in “White Space” through the end of Chapter 9.

GRM23 – Week 8

After having  a week off, we return to a day of recap and review.

  1. We have a project due today (Photo Retouching) – we will review the requirements and the folders you have prepared for this project
  2. We will review the folder requirements in general
  3. We will review the specifications listed on the “assignment sheet”
  4. We will recap the session immediately preceding our “break”

GRM23 – Week 5

We will pick up where we left off last week on the two retouching exercises, Joe Lou and Fancy Lady. After completing the exercises you should have a better understanding of:

  • levels
  • adjustment layers vs. image>adjustments
  • cloning principles
  • making selections
  • intro to photoshop’s pen tool
  • refining selection edges
  • quick mask
  • colorizing bw images